Frameless Glass Fence systems

Vetro Q85 Pro is all-glass fencing, the pinnacle of the architectural idea of ​​enclosing structures. Due to trends in architectural thought, glass is gradually replacing traditional materials from the construction of stairs and fences. Glass fences do not have racks, glass in them has both a load-bearing (enclosing) and decorative function.

The basis of such a glass fence is a thick-walled aluminum profile attached to the floor. Thick glass is fixed in it with the help of wedge-shaped clamps (usually it is a triplex of two 8-10 mm tempered glasses, it is also possible to use single-layer tempered glass 12mm, 16mm, 20mm.).

The lower profile is closed with aluminum covers or can be finished with other materials.

The clamps allow you to adjust the verticality of the installation of each glass of the fence and provide a single plane for the installation of all glasses. A handrail is usually put on the glass, although it can be attached to the side of the glass or not at all.

Such a fence is made of tempered glass with a thickness of at least 12 mm. The height of the fence is 1200 mm. The glass is fastened to the end of the balcony (terrace) using point fixings.

Office glass door

These mounts ("coins") are made of stainless steel and, if desired, can be painted in any color. The main difference between Aluminante's all-glass Vetro fences is the complete absence of bulky supports. The role of the supporting structure in them is played by extra strong glass. In this case, the fastening of all glass sheets is carried out using special fasteners. When installing all-glass structures for stairs, the fence is additionally equipped with handrails made of various materials.

There are quite a few options for using glass fences. Depending on this, different types of materials are used: With special decoration in the form of engraving or grinding.Modern high-precision equipment makes it possible to produce glass sheets of various shapes and sizes. Both flat and curved glass can also be used. For designers, this opens up simply endless possibilities for implementing a variety of solutions.

Areas of use

Thanks to the versatility of use, all-glass structures have a wide range of applications: for decorating terraces, shopping centers, office premises, swimming pools, country houses.


  • Exclusivity and the ability to integrate into any style of exterior
  • Complete absence of bulky mounts blocking the view
  • Can be used to decorate any buildings and premises
  • Allows you to protect the maximum area without the use of massive fasteners and frames
  • Easy to assemble without additional repair work
  • Absolute safety.
  • During installation, only extra strong tempered or triplex glass materials are used.
  • Fast installation
  • Convenience of service.


  • Material aluminum profile
  • Tempered glass filling 12mm, 16mm, 20mm
  • Anodizing
  • Powder coating in any RAL color
  • Decoration for the structure of the tree
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