Automatic Zip Screen System VITO ZIP

The Vito Zip system is an innovative vertical awning: it works on the principle of roller blinds with side guides

Automatic Roof Blind System DAZZONI

DAZZONI sunscreens combine the highest quality with an individual fashionable design

Awning System ELIPS

Elbow awnings allow you to easily transform the space, creating temporary closed areas for relaxation and communication

Cassette Awning System NAROON

Terraced awnings of cassette type with a successful selection of colors become a wonderful addition and highlight in the exterior design

Product Features

Technohome sunshades are not only a means of protection, but also a design element. Their modern and elegant lines enrich the appearance of a building, giving it a stylish look. By choosing an aluminum sun shade, you get not only protection from the sun's rays, but also a decorative element that complements the architectural appearance of the building.

These canopies from Technohome provide reliable protection from the sun's rays. They prevent glare and overheating of the room, which contributes to creating a comfortable atmosphere inside. At the same time, they allow you to maximize the use of natural light, keeping the room clear and bright.

Aluminum products from the manufacturer are characterized by high strength and durability. Their construction is made of high quality aluminum, which provides resistance to weathering and mechanical effects. In addition, canopies from Technohome help to save on energy costs. They prevent overheating of the room, which reduces the load on the air conditioning system.






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