Automatic horizontal zip system for ceiling

It provides you with a noble protection from the sun and glare for every taste.

Technohome has long been one of the leading manufacturers of all types of ceilings. Therefore, it is not surprising that high-quality DAZZONI sunshades and awnings for conservatories and independent ceilings are also an integral part of our product range.

DAZZONI Awnings combine the highest quality with individual fashionable design. Sun protection has become an integral part of our housing, especially as it provides protection, comfort, sophisticated design and safety.

The new solution to shading the veranda, conservatory, transparent roofs, the floor to ceiling automatic blinds not only meets these requirements, but also has a more elegant and slim design with unique properties, such as an increased degree of thermal insulation and delay up to 97% of ultraviolet radiation.

Such a system provides a pleasant shady place on your terrace or in the conservatory, where you would like to stay even on especially sunny days. Almost regardless of the given conditions, DAZZONI, ceiling mount blinds can be combined with almost any roof construction, which makes it a real advantage for you in the place of your well-being.

The system allows you to control the penetration of sunlight into the room and thereby protect it from excessive lighting and heat. The fully rolled up automatic ceiling blinds is safely hidden in the box, which is closed by the lower profile, thanks to which the fabric retains a clear color for many years. The fabric contributes to the creation of a visual coziness of housing, performs the function of thermal and sound insulation, can darken the room, and also be transparent, is particularly durable, resistant to pollution, has fire-fighting properties, all this gives the house a special harmony.

Automated sun protection system is one of our company's most popular products.

Office glass door

Office glass door

The floor to ceiling automatic blinds is designed so that when installing the roof structure it could be easily adjusted, taking into account small tolerances. The entire system is made of anti-corrosion materials. DAZZONI is equipped with a system that provides constant stretch of the fabric in any position of the lower profile and protects against the loss of fabric from the guide rails. The box is attached to the guide rails. The safe distance of the fabric from the roof of the winter garden or pergola is ensured by means of guide rails and the cable-spring system.

It is also possible to integrate LED lighting that allows you to spend pleasant and long summer evenings in your gazebo or conservatory.

For DAZZONI System, SOLTIS 86, 92, and B92 Serge Ferrari screen fabrics can be used.

SOLTIS technical fabrics are specially designed to provide maximum protection against sunlight with thermal insulation and the optimal level of natural light in the interior. The material is made of fabric which is made of especially durable polyester fiber with a pigmented PVC surface. The fabric is processed using Precontraint technology in directions, providing high dimensional stability and durability.

The advantages of our ceiling mount blinds are also excellent thermal insulation, visual and light properties, color constancy (UV stability) and fire resistance (B1, M1).


  • Material aluminum
  • Serge Ferrari fabric
  • SOMFY motor
  • SOMFY control panel.
  • Width - 6000 mm.
  • Carrying out - 6000 mm.
  • Max area up to - 25 sq.m.
  • Painting in any RAL color.

Additional options:

  • Touch sensor from the sun
  • Touch sensor from rain
  • Touch sensor from the wind
  • LED lighting
  • Decoration for the structure of the tree
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