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Office glass doors today are not only a practical and functional thing

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Modern office partitions make it possible to combine personal and unified space in one

Aesthetics and style

One of the main features of TechnoHome's office room partition aluminum is its aesthetics. These structures are characterized by a concise and modern design that will harmoniously fit into any office space. Aluminum partitions can be made in different colors, which allows you to adapt them to the general style of the office. This material is perfectly combined with other modern decorative elements such as glass, plastic and wood. Thus, office partition aluminum creates an impression of organicism and harmony in the interior.

These aluminum structures from TechnoHome allow you to make the most efficient use of space in your office.
These structures can be easily adapted to different tasks:

  • creation of workrooms;
  • creation of partitions for meeting rooms;
  • organizing work areas and even multifunctional spaces.
  • Aluminum partitions can be easily installed and removed, making them very flexible in use. This is especially important with the ever-changing needs of modern businesses.






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