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Automatic Ceiling System PAVILION

Sliding vaulted mansard translucent structures are designed for large-span roofs

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Warm Ceiling System PARETTI

The Paretti Winter Garden is a universal translucent structure for glazing any premises

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Ceiling System PRADA

Prada is a new ceiling system for a winter garden or veranda from the company Technohome

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Aluminum Pergola VISTA

Vista is a unique sun protection system with an automatic roof extension mechanism

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Automatic Glass Roof Systems SKYTECH

Sliding glass roof Skytech —overlap for cafes, gazebos, summer terraces in country houses, greenhouses

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Bioclimatic Pergola ACURA

ACURA is a terrace system for protecting outdoor areas of cafes, restaurants, hotels and private homes from the sun, rain and wind

Features of Aluminum Structures

Aluminum Louvers Manufacturer’s roof louvers Having several features:

Light and temperature control:

Architectural aluminum louvers on the roof provide the possibility to fine-tune thelevel of light and heat in the room.They can be adjusted to create ideal microclimatic conditions.

Sturdy and durable

Aluminum louvers manufacturers provide reliability and long service life.They are weatherproof, maintenance-free and provide reliableprotection against the weather.

Modern design:

These Aluminum louvers manufacturers roof louvers add contemporary styleand sophistication to the exterior of a building, making them anexcellent choice for modern architectural projects.architectural aluminum louvers price depends on various manufacturing factors.

The advantages of slab structures made of aluminum are:

Sun protection:

Architectural aluminum louver sunscreens provide reliable protection againstintense solar radiation, which reduces indoor temperatures andprotects furniture and interiors from fading.

Thermal insulation

special aluminum sun louvers with insulation provide additional thermal insulation and save on heating and air-conditioning costs during the cold season.

System control

aluminum sunrooms can be easily adjusted to the user's needs by remote control for maximum comfort.

Creating a unique space

Sunroom aluminum louvers manufacturers allow you to create a cozy and brightplace for rest and relaxation.These structures give a modern look to any space. Aluminum louversprice depends on the complexity of the order and is determined afterthe creation of the project.

Office glass door

Why choose flooring Systems From TechnoHome?

Office glass door

When it comes to construction, renovation or refurbishment, one of the key aspects is the selection of reliable and efficient systems. TechnoHome provides a wide range of products including flooring systems, window and door systems, fencing systems, sun protection such as aluminum sunrooms, as well as glazing systems, facade systems, railing systems and aluminum profiles.

There are several reasons why TechnoHome is the best in the industry:

  • TechnoHome is a market leader in the production of indoor and outdoor aluminum louvers. Our company has achieved this through our ability to offer complete solutions in the design and manufacture of aluminum products, including profiles and accessories, architectural and industrial systems. Our long-standing and international experience allows us to provide our customers with top quality products.
  • We are committed to the unique quality of aluminum sun room, and for this purpose, careful control is carried out at all stages of production. All products are strictly monitored by the technical control department throughout the production phase and their high quality is confirmed by international certificates.
  • We are improving the production of aluminum louvers manufacturers architectural profiles, including anodizing and powder coating processes.Using advanced technologies and modern European equipment, we ensurestable product quality and high productivity.
  • The company offers custom aluminum sunroom fabrication according to the drawings provided by the clients. Our company specializes in developing aluminum profiles for a variety of applications, including translucent structures, ventilated facades, machine tool construction, office partitions and more. Aluminum sunroom prices are determined individually for each project.

One of the key advantages of aluminum sun louvers from TechnoHome is the variety of options. Among our products, customers will always find systems for windows, doors, partitions and roofs, and much more.





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