The winter garden Paretti Thermo Pro Q43 is a universal translucent structure for glazing any premises or areas, for example, a greenhouse or a veranda, a tennis court or a swimming pool. It is a complex architectural and design project and includes several key elements: vertical glazing, translucent roofs, as well as opening parts: windows, transoms, doors, entrance lobbies.

Have you ever wanted to expand your living space and have your home become part of wildlife to enjoy it all year round? Creating a glazed winter garden in your home that will become a favorite meeting place for the whole family, a reliable shelter for plants, a source of energy and a climatic oasis is not as difficult as it seems. The Aluminante company will help you to glaze or build a winter garden, terrace, veranda, awning and you will feel the positive influence of the "green" living room, which will become your glazed winter garden, terrace, veranda.

The Conservatory is not just a modern architectural structure made of glass and aluminum, but a soothing harbor in the midst of the bustle of the city. A cozy green corner is becoming an integral part of our daily life. This is a new quality of life in your home that you are probably striving for and you will get much more with it than you even expected.

Here you can get additional comfort and peace of mind created by a variety of plants that soothe us with their appearance and delight the eye with colors of flowers. The basis of the winter garden is a frame, usually made of an aluminum profile, and a translucent structure filled with glass or double-glazed windows with opening and ventilation elements.

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When creating winter gardens, people pursue different goals. Some want to grow tropical, exotic plants for which the appropriate conditions are needed. Others want to increase the living area of ​​their house or apartment in this way, getting a beautiful garden with a corner of wildlife. Still others strive to get an all-in-one option - the central place in the garden is given to the pool, which is framed by plants that create an additional aesthetic effect. In modern warm conservatories, they always maintain a positive temperature, even if it is winter cold outside.

There are two types of winter gardens:

Warm "winter garden, heated winter garden - this is the best choice in any case.

Your "warm" winter garden in all weather conditions will protect and warm you, will allow you to enjoy the real quality of life, will give you a huge amount of positive energy and an indescribable pleasure being close to nature.

By creating a warm conservatory, you get a bright, modern and transparent living space, additional living space and a new living space in your home alone with nature.In your warm conservatory, warm glazed terrace or warm glazed veranda, you catch every ray of sunshine during the cold season.All year round you enjoy a pleasant oasis as a place for leisure and meeting for the whole family, festive meetings with relatives and friends.

Your warm winter garden will receive from nature and give you the power of the energy of light and sun all year round.A warm winter garden is an investment in the future, as well as a new quality of housing and an exquisite quality of life.


Unheated - "cold" winter garden serves to extend the warm season or as a climate buffer attached to the house.The construction of an unheated - "cold" winter garden in most cases consists of an aluminum frame, with the use of non-insulated (without thermal break) aluminum profiles.

Aluminum profiles for a winter garden have very high strength characteristics, and with the development of modern systems and accessories for profile systems in terms of durability, diverse design, processing and application possibilities, they practically have no competition among other materials for winter garden glazing.

Winter garden heating

After the construction of the winter garden has been erected, it is being equipped with basic engineering systems to create a microclimate that is favorable for humans. Given the harsh climatic conditions, the first step is to organize a heating system.

This can be done in several ways. Firstly, with the help of heating (water or electric) devices of the central or autonomous heat supply system, located along the perimeter of the glazed room. According to the calculations of specialists, the power of the radiators and / or convectors of the winter garden should be approximately two times higher than that for heating an ordinary room of the same area.

Secondly, you can use infrared heaters, which are able to quickly and evenly warm up the room. They are panels that can be easily attached to walls or ceilings. Electric and water heating are mainly used. Such heaters do not dry the air, do not burn oxygen, therefore they create a natural microclimate.

Thirdly, the winter garden can be equipped with a "warm floor". According to the specialists of the Special Systems and Technologies company, these heating systems will provide uniform and optimal heating of the air. When installing such a floor, there is an ideal temperature distribution over the height of the room. Its principle of operation is based on the radiation of heat from heating cables.

Winter garden ventilation

People need fresh air with a humidity level of about 40-60%. The ventilation system in the winter garden can be natural or mechanical. The choice depends on what kind of plants you plan to grow. If these are unpretentious species that tolerate medium temperatures well (13-18 ° C), then the first option is the best solution.

It is arranged as follows. Ventilation openings are made in the lower part of the conservatory for the flow of fresh air. These are fanlight mechanisms installed in profile systems and various ventilation valves. The outflow of air occurs through special hatches and openings in the roof of the winter garden. The ceiling windows can be opened manually (using special long poles) or automatically using remote systems.

Thus, natural air circulation occurs. Fresh, colder air enters the room from below, warms up, rises and exits through the roof. However, according to experts, for the system to work effectively, a number of conditions must be met. So, the area of ​​the opening window structures should be at least 20%, and the height of the ceilings should be from 2.5 m. In addition, it is better that the temperature difference between the outside and inside the room should not be lower than 5 ° C.

The timer can be used to set automatic ventilation. As a rule, mechanical ventilation systems are selected individually for a particular winter garden project. The shapes, sizes and technical characteristics of the glazed structure are taken into account.

Winter garden lighting

With the use of modern building materials and technologies, it will not be difficult to create a corner of nature in your country house. New efficient PVC profile structures and heat-insulating materials will keep the heat coming from the sun and heating devices. Window systems will let in the sunlight so much needed by the plants, and additional lighting will be provided by compact lamps and new generation lighting fixtures. The supply of clean fresh air will be provided by mechanical or natural ventilation systems. And it will be possible to admire the beauty regardless of the winter season.

Main advantages:

  • Your own world of privacy and relaxation: natural day / night lighting combined with the ability to maximize the view of the surrounding area.
  • Transparent walls and roof visually expand the glazed space.
  • Increased heat and sound insulation.
  • Possibility of using the premises all year round with warm glazing.
  • Resistance to changes in the external environment and temperature extremes.
  • Structures made of aluminum profiles are easy to use and do not require special maintenance.
  • The design is fireproof as it does not support combustion.
  • A winter garden is an indicator of the owner's wealth, a sign of refined taste and style.
  • Retains heat with the possibility of year-round use both as a living room and for growing exotic plants when using heating devices


  • heat-insulated profile;
  • internal statics;
  • roof slope from 5 ° to 45 °;
  • simple and quick installation of the junction to the wall;
  • high bearing capacity and maximum unsupported spans;
  • glass unit thickness from 26 to 46 mm;
  • lack of additional seals inside the construction of the winter garden;
  • drain gutter and downpipes are integrated into the profile;
  • numerous options for the shape of the roofs;
  • the ability to install individual lighting systems;
  • ventilation system: installation of sliding and folding windows, including automatic ones;
  • preparation of a profile for the installation of sun protection systems.
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