Technohome has developed a system designed to build free-standing winter gardens, as well as other structures such as greenhouses, verandas, etc.

Prada is the new freestanding floor system.

The Winter Gardens system has emerged in the form of a design that makes it possible for users to directly contact nature and the surrounding landscape. This type of construction should provide a new quality of life in the living area, with light falling from above. Thanks to this, we get excellent lighting of the room, as well as the optimal mood of the interior. In the traditional interpretation of the Winter Garden is a non-heated porch used in the spring-summer season, allowing you to relax near nature. Our goal was to design such a system so that it could be used as living quarters throughout the calendar year.

The main idea of ​​the system is the ability to build an independent, integrated roof structure from thermally insulated aluminum profiles. The aluminum - glass roof consists of rafters and sub-rafters of a characteristic shape of an inverted “T”, resting on continuous profiles of the canopy beam and the adjacent wall joists. The whole is supported by the profiles of the racks. This idea allows you to build a structural frame of the winter garden with the ability to fill openings that have arisen in vertical walls, independently by windows and doors, and also allows you to form even the most complex roof geometry.

The canopy beam and the wall adjoining the adjacent beam are the main structural profiles of the roof. They are designed in the form of hinges on which the roof structure is supported, and free rotation of the roof plane is possible from 5º to 45 °.

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The rafters and sub-rafters on the inside of the room give a smooth surface integrated with the plane of the glass, separated by beams. The visual effect and strength are obtained from the outside of the roof due to the characteristic external shape of the rafters and roof rafters and glazing beads under the glass.

Aluminante's Prada Winter Gardens system meets the highest demands in profile insulation, rainwater tightness, and airtightness, and ensures proper ventilation when using appropriate ventilation equipment regardless of the weather.

To ensure effective drainage of water from the roof and for proper ventilation, a system of profiles of rafters and sub-rafters connected in a cascaded manner to each other, as well as rotational profiles of the canopy beam and the wall adjacent beam, has been introduced. This additionally provides easy installation and simple processing of rafters in the workshop.

The profile of the canopy beam is equipped with an integrated internal drainpipe, which prevents the accumulation of condensate on the glass from the inside of the room.

Fully waterproof and wind density is achieved thanks to the introduction of solid EPDM membranes, which at the same time do not allow external cold air on the inner surfaces of aluminum profiles.

The profile of the outer drainpipe in the Prada system is attached independently to the canopy beam, which simplifies the profile and also makes it easy to give any shape to the drain pipe, depending on the requirements of the clients, to give any style.

The systems are presented in several versions:

  • Prada Q42 Premium
  • Prada Q40 Standard


  • Protects from rain, wind and snow.
  • Provides filling the room with daylight
  • Absence of cross beams
  • Modern aesthetic form
  • Applicable to individual sizes (courtyard, garden, etc.)
  • Makes it possible to use a larger area
  • Resistant to strong winds
  • Adjusting levels
  • Easy to install
  • Use of tempered glass in insulating glass units
  • Tightness of double-glazed windows
  • Durability
  • Internal and external gutters serving as a drainage system


  • Material aluminum
  • Filling safety glass / glass unit 10-12-20 mm
  • EPDM Gaskets
  • Max width 7200 mm
  • Max projection 5000 mm
  • Weight load 180-220 kg / m2 (depending on the size of the structure)
  • Possibility to adjust the angle of inclination.
  • Powder coating in any RAL color

Additional options:

  • Ceiling lighting
  • Decoration for the structure of the tree
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