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Today, commercial office doors with glass are not only practical and functional but also have aesthetic values. When decorating workspaces, transparent materials symbolize the willingness to compromise in business, as well as the openness and honesty of this or that activity.

That is why if you are looking to demonstrate a willingness to have close and productive partnerships with other companies, the frameless glass office door is perfect for you!

This way of interior glass office door decoration will always look modern and elegant. It visually enlarges the space and serves as a decoration tool.

You can choose sliding or swing doors, prefer the types of glass that suit you the most, and acquire a color that organically matches your office environment.

Advantages of glass door in office

  • Glass is rightfully considered one of the safe materials, as it is an environmentally friendly material.
  • Despite glass being famous for its fragility, do not rush to give up on its reliability. There are many methods and technologies for processing this material, particularly special tempering and glass processing. The process makes it stronger and more durable.
  • Even if you break it, the debris will not be scattered throughout the room.
  • Glass doors for offices are remarkably resistant to temperature changes, moisture, and bacteria, so glass can be called one of the most hygienic materials.
  • It is straightforward to clean. Wiping it down from time to time with a rag using readily available cleaning agents is sufficient to maintain its attractive appearance.
  • Glass lends itself well to processing so you can choose various decor options.
  • An excellent option for overlapping impressive doorways, which is not always the case with doors made of other materials.
  • Office doors with glass can be hinged and sliding, so the owner is free to choose the option that seems most attractive to him. Moreover, Aluminate products can satisfy every taste!
Office glass door

Principle of operation :

They are fixed on a guide profile and combined with original cornices and handles. Convenience is that the load falls on the lower track. Swing doors are an option that most of us are familiar with. This way of opening is the most common; therefore, we can confidently talk about convenience.

Where are used :

The partitions can be filled with any material, such as reinforced and frosted corrugated and tinted glass. This allows you to expand the scope from the design of residential premises such as houses and apartments to shops, offices, restaurants, entertainment centers, and exhibitions.

Aluminate has worked in the glass products market for many years, having already made a name for it and gained credibility during this time. You can buy glass doors for your home office from us at a very favorable cost while not wanting to choose operation even once. Create a unique atmosphere in the room to make it more enjoyable and more efficient to work. You can order them from our catalog or in individual sizes. Our specialists will consider all your wishes, and our designs will never cease to delight you with their durability and attractive appearance.

Such products are characterized by:

  • Impact resistance.
  • Cover, carriages, handles, color anodized aluminum.
  • Height up to 2200.
  • Security.
  • Variety of finishes.
  • Decorativeness.
  • A variety of ways of fastening the door leaf.
  • The presence of a dirt-repellent coating.
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