Office partition walls with doors systems

Aluminate introduces the Innowall Uficio office partition wall systems and the Adoor office door system. The systems we represent are QYU 30, QYU 35, QYU 45, QYU 48, QYU 86, and QYU 100. The thoughtful and competent use of our office structures allows us to make the premises more functional and create a unique, and sometimes even unique, interior.

Modern office cubicle wall partitions make it possible to combine personal and unified space in one. With the help of stationary office wall partitions, the room can be given almost any configuration, depending on its purpose and the customer's wishes. The structural elements are designed to perfectly allow them to be combined with other interior elements, such as floors and ceilings.

Glass partition walls for office can be installed in a bare room or an already repaired one. The installation process itself has little or no effect on everyday office work. Due to the high manufacturability of the assembly, the installation of structures will take very little time.

When installing office space partitions, you can combine blind and glass sections. For blind partitions, you can use materials of different colors, types, and textures because the choice of them today is simply huge. For glass partitions, you can use tinted or frosted, decorative or ordinary, and blinds of various types and colors.

Office glass door

Stationary office cubicle partitions Innowall Uficio are designed to form different rooms in their functional use and purpose. With their help, the working space of an office or other premises can be organized in any most convenient way. In addition to the traditional use in reorganizing office space, such structures are successfully used, for example, in sales areas, exhibition centers, etc.

Advantages of glass wall office partitions :

  • It is not required to get approvals or permits, as with redevelopment and changing the zoning of premises with concrete, brick, or aerated concrete structures.
  • The optimum ratio of price and quality.
  • Long service life (up to 35 - 45 years) and wear resistance parameters. The design is resistant to corrosion and abrasion and withstands high loads by weight.
  • Structural construction is fast. Further replacement and repair of failed components is inexpensive.
  • Saving functional space in offices. The thickness of our partitions is 2-3 times less than that of brick or aerated concrete structures.
  • Good sound insulation and easy maintenance.
  • Due to its high flexibility, it is possible to build office zoning systems with any shape from aluminum.

Specifications of office partitions and dividers :

  • Aluminum frame forms the basis of the partition structure.
  • The frame is assembled using steel corners.
  • The filling is secured with snap-on caps.
  • The visible width of the covers is 38 mm, which makes the structure visually light and transparent.
  • The thickness of the partition is 70 mm.
  • The same profile is used in the system both as a post and as a transom.
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