Cassette-type awnings are inherently very similar to half cassette-type terrace awnings. Their main difference lies in the fact that in the closed state, the fabric wound on the shaft is completely closed by an airtight box. The presence of such a box not only makes the appearance more neat and elegant but also performs protective functions, preventing the ingress of dust and dust on the fabric and accessories, which in turn extends the life of the awning. Such box-cassettes with a successful selection of colors become a great addition and highlight in the design of the exterior.

The principle of operation of cassette awnings is very simple. At the signal from the control panel, the front profile, which was hidden by the cassette, goes silently. The fabric unwinds from the shaft and stretches. In this case, you can adjust the area of ​​shading: to extend the marquise in whole or in part.

A closed-type cassette awning that fits perfectly into the interior of any terrace. The special design of the elbow brackets ensures that the elbows are lifted and the front profile is snug against the cassette, thus closing the folded fabric. The flat chain connector used at the elbows and the precisely made swivel joints guarantee long-term reliable operation of the awning.

So, the elegant and bright detail, which at first glance seems small due to its compactness, will be appreciated by both the owners and their guests. Ease of control, noiselessness allows you to completely discreetly turn any vacation spot into a luxury resort, protecting tourists from the scorching rays of the sun and the vagaries of the weather. A reasonable price and ease of installation will be a pleasant surprise for those who choose comfort.

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  • The main advantage of this type of marquise is the shading area, which can reach 48 meters square
  • Cassette protection of all components of the awning assembled ensures the durability of the structure.
  • Various designs and colors of the cassette.
  • Ease of coagulation of tissue, regardless of the control method (manual or automatic).
  • Completely not visible when assembled.
  • The ability to independently adjust the angle of the structure.
  • Cassette awnings can be used at temperatures from -30 to +70 degrees. Awning fabric does not fade in the sun, and also has a high level of resistance to various atmospheric phenomena.
  • The metal construction of the awning is made of extruded aluminum. The brackets with which the marquise is attached to the wall or ceiling are made of cast aluminum. Adapters, consoles, retractable “shoulders” of the marquise and frontal profile are made of the same material.
  • All hardware is exclusively made of stainless metal.
  • Awning fabric made of acrylic yarn with additional antibacterial and water-repellent impregnation and has such characteristics as durability, a high degree of water resistance and strength. Such a fabric does not fade for a long time, retains its original shape and appearance.
  • Choice of left or right motor mounting
  • Electric actuator with / without manual emergency control system
  • Choice of installation of awning wall, ceiling
  • Resistant to strong wind and precipitation

Systems are presented in several variants:

  • Zilli Q37 Naroon
  • Zilli 38 Elips


  • Material aluminum
  • Fabric PARA Tempotest
  • SOMFY motor
  • SOMFY control panel
  • Width - 7000 mm
  • Carrying out - 3500 mm
  • Max area up to - 25 sq.
  • Powder coating in any RAL color

Additional options:

  • Touch sensor from the sun
  • Touch sensor from rain
  • Touch sensor from the wind
  • LED lighting
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