Modern aluminum folding sliding glass doors

This is the best solution to save space in the room, as well as the functionality and comfort of your home. Folding Doors exterior can be used in rooms as a partition. They are suitable not only for small apartments but also will be able to decorate any interior - a cafe, restaurant.

This system of Technohome is ideal for use in residential premises, shops, car dealerships, restaurants, places of recreation and entertainment, where you need to block (cover) a wide opening.

Often these sliding folding doors are used for periodic use, i.e. most of the time, they are fully closed or open (seasonal use is winter-summer; commercial use is weekdays-weekend, etc.). In the open version of the sash shifted to the corner of the structure, forming a small "parking" for the sections, the aperture remains completely free.

Since the rollers, with the help of which the outdoor folding doors are moving, are hidden in the upper and lower guides, nothing “superfluous” remains on the open structure (there are no visible overhead elements, the rollers and hinges are installed in the internal grooves of the profiles).

Even if the structure is closed most of the time, it is possible to use the last section as permanently operating interior folding doors. In the standard version, the flaps and guides are sealed with two rubber seal (gasket) circuits. For convenience, a threshold is provided in the system (lower guide), which can be completely buried in the floor, in this case, tightness is carried out using brush seals.

The aluminum profile can be painted in any color of the RAL line, which will allow you to solve any design problems and fit the door structure into a single style of the interior and exterior of the building.

Office glass door

Aluminum folding doors are presented in several versions :

  • Piega Q60 Premium
  • Piega Q61 Standard
  • Piega Q61 Pro


  • Provided for cold series and warm series with thermal bridge
  • Provides the ability from 3 to 9-wing opening
  • Waterproofing is provided by four-layer rubber
  • EPDM seals around the perimeter
  • Possibility of overlapping large openings up to 9 meters
  • Selectable threshold, high low
  • Differs in smooth sliding and reliability in use
  • Use of transom locks and latches
  • Possibility of manufacturing swing doors with inward or outward opening
  • The number of unidirectional flaps can be odd or even.
  • Recommended sash dimensions: width 700 mm, height 3000 mm. Sash weight no more than 100kg.
  • The use of profiles to level the unevenness of the wall
  • Provides 80% of open skylight
  • High rates of wind, moisture and air tightness
  • Reliable anti-burglar fittings, provides increased security.
  • Different RAL colors or anodizing can be used
  • Airtight closing of the sashes and protects the premises from intruders
  • Selection of double-glazed windows: from 20 to 30
  • Thermal insulation is provided by a reinforced polyamide thermal bridge


  • Material aluminum
  • Thermal bridge 16 mm in the frame and in the sashes.
  • Frame depth 60 mm.
  • Accessories GU Germany
  • Max sash width 1200 mm
  • Max sash height 3000 mm
  • Max glass thickness 30 mm
  • Min glass thickness 20 mm
  • Thermal insulation (UF) 2.25 W / m²K
  • EPDM Gaskets
  • Painting in any RAL color
  • Decoration for the structure of the tree
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