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Automatic sliding doors Sparbu Q35 One are an ideal solution for rooms with high traffic. The only condition for installing this design is that automatic doors need additional space, in other words, the movable doors need space in order to disperse in different directions.

Doors of this type are installed in shopping and entertainment and business centers, in administrative buildings, banking, sports, educational and medical institutions, at train stations and airports, in hotels, conservatories and greenhouses, as well as in private houses.

Compact characteristics and dimensions make it possible to use sliding doors, both with durable aluminum massive doors, and with pleasant, fragile-looking, all-glass lido frames framed in aluminum structures.It is for such cases that automatic doors exist.

They combine modern design with high reliability at 100% operation and compliance with the technical requirements for areas with a large concentration of people in terms of safety and comfort.

The basic equipment of automatic doors is complemented by a wide range of accessories. The buyer can only decide on the size and form his wishes: The device of automatic doors is not difficult to understand. Each sash is suspended on trolleys. Each of the two bogies has three small wheels that include bearings. These bogies move smoothly along a straight line that is connected to the main rail. This happens through a vibration damping pad.

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In order to reduce the penetration of cold air into the room, it is recommended to install paired automatic sliding doors. While people pass through one door, the second will be in a closed state, which will lead to a decrease in the loss of warm air, as well as to eliminate possible drafts.

It's worth noting that the double sliding door also looks great indoors. With her presence, she decorates the design, makes it more stylish and modern. If you nevertheless decide to install a single door, then pay attention to the fact that it can be either right or left.

An automatic door made in a semicircular version is in special demand today. This elegance, lightness and originality allows a different look at the spatial characteristics of the room.

The automatic door has several modes of operation: "open", "closed", "exit only", "automatic", you can also choose whether your door will open full width or partially open the sash. Partial door opening (incomplete) is mainly used in the winter season. If you need to close the automatic door with a lock at the end of the working day, we recommend that you install an electromagnetic protection system.


  • compact in height, the drive box allows you to install doors if there is only 8 cm of overlap above the opening;
  • 100% intensity.
  • operating time before the first maintenance 1 million cycles;
  • a set of safety devices in various combinations;
  • a wide range of additional functions: "postman", "vestibule", "night mode" and so on;
  • possibility of glass tinting, application of brand names on glass,
  • painting the frame profiles and the electric drive box in the corporate color (facade color) according to the RAL catalog;
  • compatibility of the control unit with the EElink communication protocol (advanced programming).

Main characteristics:

  • Maximum weight of 1st / 2nd sashes - 75 kg / 125 kg 150 kg / 250 kg
  • Maximum speed of opening the passage - 1.4 m / s. 2.0 m / sec.
  • Maximum speed of closing the passage - 0.8 m / s. 0.8 m / sec.
  • Created on the basis of microprocessor technology and equipped with a display for programming the control unit makes it possible to perform all basic functions in automatic mode;
  • A cushioned guide and profiled wheels guarantee absolutely silent movement of the sashes;
  • Control unit with display for programming and system for automatic setting of parameters of movement and torque. Built-in two-channel radio receiver;
  • Profile for quick installation;
  • Electromechanical lock for fixing doors in any position.
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