Frameless folding glazing

The system of cold sliding panoramic glazing of terraces, cafes, restaurants, gazebos, and windows with sliding opening of sashes is a unique system of frameless folding glazing for any kind of apertures from Aluminante. This design has a light appearance, and is easy to use, the sash moves smoothly along the guide with the help of rollers - even with large dimensions of the design, the sash movement will be smooth and silent. Due to its design features and opening method, folding panoramic windows open to almost the entire part of the opening, thereby not concealing the area. In the summer, you can enjoy all the pleasures of nature, but during cold weather or in bad weather, the design of the sliding panoramic glazing will reliably protect your room from bad weather conditions.

This type of glazing is the best solution for those who prefer the most open space, not obstructed by the crossbeams and frames of the standard design window.

Trends in architectural fashion show an increase in the popularity of panoramic windows. Frameless glazing is one of the options for creating them. Its main feature is the absence of a frame, it allows you to create solid structures that create a visual impression of a single glass. Only a close examination at close range can notice the seams.

What is Spazio Q15 frameless glazing suitable for?

Sliding frameless glazing systems are a new category of interior design that allows you to visually expand the space, give it a unique appearance, make it brighter, more open and inviting.

This is the right choice if you plan to glaze:

  • Balconies and loggias;
  • Verandas;
  • Cafes and restaurants;
  • Terraces;
  • Winter gardens;
  • Cottages and arbors;
  • Showcases in large shopping centers;
Office glass door

Features of frameless glazing

  • Glazing frameless type
  • The maximum width of the sash is 1000 mm.
  • The maximum height of a shutter is 2700 mm.
  • The material of the guides is aluminum.
  • Stainless steel and aluminum fittings.
  • Glass 8-10 mm.
  • Decorating under the tree structure.
  • Painting in any color on the RAL scale.

Balcony glazing

The use of glazing without frames for arranging the balconies and balconies ensures the creation of aesthetic decoration of the space. The glazing of the balconies without the frameless method opens up unhindered access to natural light and expands the space. It opens a great overview of the urban neighborhood, not limited to the segments of the frame.

Glazing loggias frameless method is more preferable to use for the upper floors of buildings. Here, the question of expediency plays a role - the view from the first floor is not so wide - and security - precedents with vandals are possible on the first floor. At the same time, the use of frameless glazing in private construction, for the decoration of loggias and balconies of cottages and townhouses, is more relevant than ever before.

The use of panoramic glazing for the interior of the summer premises allows you to create glass walls. Frameless glazing systems in the design of terraces and gazebos involve the use of large glasses. The height of the glass sheet in such cases coincides with the height of the walls. The design differs from the similar glazing of loggias in that the profile is mounted to the floor. When glazing gazebos maintain a full overview and there is protection from wind, rain, and insects. Terraces and verandas glazed by this method receive an indescribable atmosphere and excellent natural lighting. Protection from wind, dust, moisture, combined with a beautiful view of the flower beds or other aesthetic objects attracts many homeowners. Therefore, glazing without frames at home and its summer premises is so popular when choosing technologies.

Frameless glazing in the interior of restaurants and cafes

The atmosphere and aesthetics of the interior is 50% of success in the work of cafes and restaurants. If the institution has a veranda - glazing should be frameless. Here the visibility, natural light, the ability to take beautiful pictures in good light will be very important for visitors. If a restaurant or cafe is located in the tourist area - the correct glazing is a huge contribution to attendance. In combination with the location on the upper floors, it can make the place itself an attraction.

If the use of glazing with a frameless design for glazing restaurants and cafes is a contribution to aesthetics and romance, then for the design of verandas it is also an extension of the summer season. Open verandas, depending on the climate, are relevant up to mid-September. In turn, the veranda with frameless glazing can receive visitors from the cafe from March to the end of October.

The advantages of frameless glazing

Compliance with fashion trends and high aesthetics.

Access to the healthful natural light.

The visual effect of space expansion and a wide overview.

Sunlight has a beneficial effect on people's well-being. Therefore, the use of panoramic glazing is now relevant in the design of offices. Since this interior design reduces employee fatigue and increases efficiency. In the living space, when the balcony is made, glazing by the frameless method becomes an excellent contribution to the interior style and improvement of the room atmosphere.

Dark rooms always look smaller than they really are. The desire for visual expansion of the space naturally when you decorate the premises. In this situation, glazing without frames will give odds to any other method. In situations with gazebos and verandas, you get the effect of presence in open space. It is as if nothing separates from the blue sky and the natural landscape. When this method is used to decorate loggias and balconies, a large flow of light gives a feeling of spaciousness of the room.

A good overview, which opens the panoramic windows, in addition to aesthetics is quite practical. If we are talking about office space, this is a plus for the efficiency and improvement of employee well-being. In situations where frameless glazing is used in sales areas, restaurants and cafes - this is a practical benefit, increasing popularity and profits. Depending on the features of the building structure, you can open the view through one glass wall, or create a few walls with an overview of all sides of the world. This solution is used when creating mansards.

The uniqueness of frameless glazing

Cold construction. The frameless glazing method is used only for non-heated premises. Such a restriction is very upset for residents of the cold climate zone. In turn, in a warm climate, panoramic windows and glass partitions can be used everywhere. The design of a single sheet of glass provides little protection from the cold. The difference with the outdoor temperature will be no more than two or three degrees, with clear protection from moisture and wind.

Sound insulation. The soundproofing characteristics of the frameless glazing are low. When you make summer premises it can be classified as a plus. Since, while in the gazebo or on the veranda, you can hear birds singing, crickets and other sounds of nature. In the summer premises of restaurants and cafes, the penetration of street sounds is also rather a plus in creating an atmosphere.

Chance of glaciation. Many customers are frightened by the prospect of glaciation structures. Experts show that such a phenomenon is possible, but it is extremely rare. There are two possible causes of glaciation: deformation of the seal and damage of the profile. Because of this, cold air penetrates, as a result of contact with the flow of warm air inside the room moisture freezes, and ice layers are formed. With high-quality glazing, such situations do not occur.

Features of cleaning. The frameless glazing system allows you to wash windows in complete safety. All the sash can be moved to one wall, the result is a design similar to a notebook. The washing process eliminates the need to pop out, there is no risk of falling out. You just need to alternately shift each flap and clean it on both sides. In combination with a large glass surface, the process takes a little longer.

The systems are presented in several versions:

  • Spazio Q 14 Premium
  • Spazio Q 15 Standard


  • Compliance with fashion trends and high aesthetics
  • Folding frameless glazing
  • Maximum opening of the opening
  • Unlimited field of view
  • Open access to useful natural light.
  • Possibility of using different number of glasses
  • Various size options
  • Easy to install and use
  • The visual effect of expanding space and a wide view
  • Silent work
  • Indoor fresh air management
  • Ability to withstand high wind pressure
  • Easy glass cleaning
  • Possibility of opening and closing with minimal effort
  • Extensive use of space
  • Indoor fresh air management
  • Durability
  • Color for every taste
  • Profitable price


  • Guide material - aluminum
  • Folding frameless glazing
  • Stainless steel fittings
  • Accessories color: gray, black
  • Filling tempered glass 8-10 mm
  • Transparent seals between leaves
  • Max panel width 1000 mm
  • Max panel height 3000 mm
  • Powder coating in any RAL color
  • Decoration for the structure of the tree
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