Frameless Glazing

Today, modern architecture requires completely new approaches to the design and functionality of buildings. One such revolutionary element is Technohome's aluminum frameless glazing systems. These innovative solutions not only add lightness and elegance to the appearance of buildings, but also provide incredible comfort and functionality.

Elegance and minimalism in design

possible with Technohome aluminum systems takes the style and aesthetics of buildings to a new level. Frameless glazing gives facades a light and modern look that blends perfectly with contemporary architecture. Frameless glazing maximizes the use of natural light and creates incredible views of the outside world.

The benefits of frameless technology:

  • Thermal insulation. Technohome's aluminum frameless glazing systems provide high thermal insulation to create a comfortable interior space and reduce heating and air conditioning costs.
  • Soundproofing. The absence of frames and special technologies guarantee high soundproofing, which leaves the inside of the room quiet and peaceful, even if there is noise and bustle outside.
  • Fusion of interior and exterior. Frameless glazing creates the illusion of merging interior and exterior space, which makes the room more spacious and free.
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