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SkyLine transforms an open area into a pleasant place to give people unforgettable comfort.The use of traditional sliding systems interferes with the integrity between the inner and outer space. Aluminante provides the SkyLine system to ensure integrity.

Motorized system with a vertical opening controlled by a button, remote control, as well as possible control using a tablet or phone.

SkyLine is the ideal solution for glazing residential and commercial facilities. It allows the user to fully control the height of the glass. This opens the way for fresh air and light to entertain the environment.

Instead of traditional sliding glazing systems, we offer a new solution in the field of glazing.Our customers are free to choose the color of aluminum and glass to guarantee a combination with the concept of hotels, cafes, restaurants, balconies, etc.

Thanks to its elegant appearance, SkyLine increases the reputation of the establishment, which gives the owner the growth of customers.

In winter, the glass can remain in the closed position, and the room can be heated with gas or electric heaters. The above advantages, in a short period, contribute to the return of investment spent by the owner and the place will become more profitable in that area.

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Advantages of Vertical Glazing SkyLine

SkyLine is a new approach to the generation of glass, used for private, public and commercial purposes.Our innovative glass and aluminum systems will enable you to find a solution even in complex architectural projects or renovations.Pure style and the absence of visible screws offer elegance in design.

Unlimited review:

The system has small frames and minimized sash, which opens up the possibility of an unlimited view.

Space=saving: In the system, glass moves vertically up or down, so you can set the table and chairs or use it as a passage.

Daylight: The large dimensions of the glass contribute to the ingress of daylight into the room, which provides natural lighting and energy saving.

Silent operation: Due to the dynamics of the system and the special belt, the system works silently.

Ease of management: Modules can be controlled both individually and simultaneously with one remote control, with just one touch of a button.

  1. If the system opens down, then the bottom glass remains fixed, while the others are moving.
  2. If the system opens upwards, then the top glass becomes fixed glass and the system is going upwards.


  • A new approach to a new generation.
  • Modern aesthetic form
  • Unlimited field of view
  • Color for every taste
  • Ability to use different amounts of glass
  • Different size options
  • Easy installation and use
  • Glass level adjustment
  • Silent operation
  • Ability to withstand high wind pressure and dynamic load
  • Low maintenance, easy cleaning and glass replacement
  • All precautions are taken
  • Control selection, push-button control (switch) or several remote control
  • Extensive use of space
  • Controlling fresh air indoors
  • Wind protection thanks to adjustable glass levels
  • Ability to open and close with minimal effort
  • Can be used as balustrades
  • More reliable than standard glass fencing systems
  • The ability to control the engine via USB when the power is off
  • SKYLINE system satisfies all customer needs, ideally combined with any architectural design
  • Because of the modular side rails, In case of problems with glass, problem parts can be easily replaced without disassembling the entire system
  • Profiles with brush seals on the glass, perfectly isolate the room, preventing air leakage and whistling sounds due to strong winds
  • The belt usage allows the system to work silently
  • It is possible to increase the height of the fixed glass, it can be both on the level and above mobile glasses.
  • When the height of the mobile glass is smaller than the fixed one, there is an additional profile that is installed in the guides and keeps the mobile glass on weight.
  • This way, all glasses can be kept at the same height.

even if the height of mobile glasses is different from the fixed one.

  • SOMFY is the best product for the SkyLine system with proven quality and worldwide fame.
  • There are 3 different options for remote control, Telis 1 - 4 - 16. With the help of the remote systems, you can control each separately or at once.
  • In large projects, with the help of SOMFY receivers, control via smartphones and tablets is possible. The app can be downloaded via the App Store or Play Store on Apple and Android devices.
  • The possibility to control systems without even being close
  • You can choose a color on a scale of RAL, anodizing and coating to the color of the tree. The cost per RAL color does not change, coating to the wood color calculated separately
  • There are various options for the color of glass, blue, green, bronze, etc.
  • Thanks to exclusive glue, perfect adhesion is ensured in the places of fastening of glass and aluminum profiles. The glue is not very hard and not soft, which is very tolerant of extreme weather conditions and possible impacts.
  • EPDM gasket reduces noise, does not pass dust. It provides insulation in contact with the handrail.

EPDM gasket provides weatherproof insulation without air, noise, and water.

The systems are presented in several versions:

  • Skyline Q1 Premium 20
  • Skyline Q2 Premium 8.10
  • Skyline Q3 Thermo
  • Skyline Q 4 Ayso
  • Skyline Q6 Standard


  • The cold and warm glazing system
  • The possibility of a large selection of colors for profiles
  • Good insulation and heat insulation
  • Full protection from rain and wind
  • The full review, thanks to elegant profiles and the big space of a glazing
  • In a panoramic glazing out of competition
  • The system is very convenient for glazing of balconies and terraces
  • The system is well combined and very practical for winter gardens
  • Conveniently controlled remotely
  • Thanks to the lower stationary part in some subsystems conveniently as a parapet, or fencing
  • Ability to use rain and wind sensors
  • The ability to install motion sensors (that is, a motion sensor is installed to automatically close the lock when you are not at home and you would like to ventilate the room in your absence)
  • One more option: when glazing balconies with this system, we install a touch sensor for children from the inside. In case of a children's exit to the balcony or the loggia, the system automatically closes the glazing opening
  • The system is convenient for old people and people with disabilities.
  • The system with a lifting belt can work up to a height of aperture of 6000 mm.
  • The system is adapted to both single glass and glass for the warm version

Opening and closing methods:

  • Stationary button
  • Using the remote control (the most used)
  • Automatically - if you have rain, wind and motion sensors installed


  • 8 mm tempered glass
  • 10 mm tempered glass
  • 5 mm + 5 mm (10mm) tempered tripleks
  • 6mm temp. + 8mm distance frame + 6mm temp. (double-glazed window 20mm, with energy-saving glass)
  • 5mm temp. + 10mm distance frame + 5mm temp. (double-glazed window 20mm, with energy-saving glass)
  • 4mm temp. + 12mm distance frame + 4mm temp (double-glazed window 20mm, with energy-saving glass)
  • 5mm temp. + 22mm distance frame + 5mm temp. (double-glazed window 32mm, with energy-saving glass)


Motor with a built-in radio. Classic multi-purpose unit suitable for different systems (rolling shutters, awnings, vertical blinds, etc.) Up, down and stop function, can be pre-programmed using the main "my" button

  • Nominal Torque 120 Nm
  • Nominal Speed 12 rpm
  • Nominal Voltage – Frequency 220V – 50 Hz
  • Power Consumption 350 W
  • Engine Tube Diameter 60 mm
  • Engine Max. Load Capacity 168 kg
  • Weight 5,5 kg
  • Volume 65 Db

Control units (optional)

TAHOMA is an application that controls the entire system using the SOMFY RTS engine, such as blinds, roller blinds, awnings, pergolas, Zip and SkyLine using a smartphone or tablet!

With Tahoma ® One home automation, you can simplify the interaction between you and the systems in the house. With Somfy, it is easy to automate systems in a home and create a simpler lifestyle — one that is safer, more comfortable, and energy-efficient.

It consists of a simple box that connects directly to a standard outlet and communicates via the WiFi network.tablet!

Aluminum profile - Glue for glass

  • High adhesion strength (75kg / cm²)
  • Color sequence, resistance to different states of air and light.
  • It can be applied to almost any surface, including wet-dry.

Isocyanate, solvent, halogen, and acid-free

Technical details:

  • Hardness Ca. 55 ± 5 Shore A
  • Density 1,46 g/ml
  • Maximum allowed distortion ± 20 %
  • Temperature resistance -40 °C → 90 °C
  • Max. tension (DIN 53504) 2,10 N/mm²
  • Elasticity modulus 100% (DIN 53504) 1,80 N/mm²
  • Application temperature 5 °C → 35 °C


  • Material aluminum
  • Motor / SOMFY France
  • Drive belt / chain
  • Filling glass 8-10 mm / safety glass unit 20 mm
  • SOMFY control panel
  • Seals between leaves
  • Max width 4500 mm
  • Max height 4500 mm
  • Powder coating in any RAL color

Additional options:

  • Touch sensor from the wind
  • Touch motion sensor
  • Decoration for the structure of the tree
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