Lift and Slide door construction by Aluminante embodies the modern concept of moving large-size glazing of an external door opening. Lifting-sliding doors have already earned a reputation as a truly functional and stylish solution for the design of a large light opening.

Due to its tightness and high thermal insulation performance, lift-and-slide doors help to ensure reliable protection of the room, increase natural lighting and even save its usable area. Moreover, such structures can serve as a complete replacement of the walls, visually combining the terrace and the interior.

Because lifting and sliding doors made of aluminum are not intended for places with high traffic, such structures are more likely to be suitable for a country house, luxury hotel rooms, small office premises, etc.

Area of use:

For glazing of winter gardens, terraces, pools, and many other rooms. Such a system can replace one of the walls of a bedroom or living room, making it lighter and more spacious.

Opening the sliding door occurs when the sash is raised. The advantage of such a system is that it makes possible to make almost sliding “walls” while maintaining excellent tightness and thermal insulation.

The principle of operation is based on the shift of one leaf after another when opening, therefore, opening the opening to the full width when using such a system is impossible.

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What is the peculiarity of the AGIO sliding system?

Our sliding structures are characterized by excellent thermal insulation performance and are the best solution for a passive house, as they provide minimal heat consumption with a large glazing area.

The partitions are easy to use, do not require significant effort when opening, provide a simple way out - the system has a low threshold, which simplifies the care of it.

The systems are presented in several versions:

  • Agio Q66 Premium Pro
  • Agio Q67 Standard


  • Provides the possibility of 2, 3, and 4-leaf opening
  • Maximum structure size up to 12 meters
  • Small visible sash width - 75mm or 110mm
  • Sash weight up to 400 kg, width 780 - 2500 mm, and height 1200 - 3000
  • The width of the visible part at the junction of the sashes is only 110 mm, which creates maximum transparency
  • Low profile threshold, with intelligent drainage system
  • Classic version with the same frame profile around the perimeter
  • High wind resistance, air tightness and moisture protection
  • Different RAL colors or anodizing can be used
  • The only drawback of the lift-and-slide design is that the opening of the opening to the full width is impossible, since the principle of movement of the sashes is based on the shift of one sash after another
  • Innovative low threshold for easy, high performance access
  • Reliable anti-burglar fittings, provides increased hermetic closing of the sashes and protects the premises from intruders
  • Large selection of double-glazed windows: tinted, shockproof, energy-saving
  • Sleek solution for automatic lift-and-slide doors


  • Sash weight 200-400 kg
  • Material aluminum
  • Thermal bridge 16 mm in the frame and in the sashes
  • Frame depth 60 mm
  • Accessories GU Germany
  • Max sash width 2500 mm
  • Max sash height 3000 mm
  • Maximum glass thickness 36 mm
  • Minimum glass thickness 6 mm
  • Thermal insulation (UF) 2.25 W / m²K
  • EPDM Gaskets
  • Painting in any RAL color
  • Decoration for the structure of the tree
  • High thermal insulation Uf = 2.9-7.3W / (m2K), depending on the profiles used.
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