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Developed by Technohome designers using the latest technology, our retractable pleated mosquito net ensures comfort and spectacular design solutions. It is designed to provide a controlled degree of protection of rooms from direct sunlight and the prying eyes of passers-by, ensuring to maintain the aesthetic with coziness.

The grid will not only easily protect against mosquitoes, flies, wasps, dust, but also protect it from the scorching sun!

Lau Plisse mosquito nets are made to individual sizes, which opens up a wide range of technical and decorative possibilities. The mesh fabric is made in a variety of colors.

The design of the pleated mosquito net for windows and doors is quite simple; the sections can be assembled and laid out according to the type of accordion in the vertical or horizontal direction. Due to the simplicity of design, grids can cover openings up to 6 meters wide and up to 3 meters high.

Office glass door

There are several pleated type mosquito nets, depending on the type of opening :

  • With one-sided horizontal opening (left / right);
  • With a universal opening in both directions;
  • With an oncoming movement of sections;
  • With one-sided vertical opening (up / down).

Pleated mosquito net raw materials

Like any other type of protective system, pleated mosquito nets for doors are made from safe modern European materials. Usually, the following canvases are used for pleated mosquito net:

Fiberglass is the fiberglass from which pleated mosquito nets for balcony are made. It has a uniform structure and color, which has earned the attention of many customers.

Where are the pleated mosquito nets used?

Due to several advantages, the operation of such products does not cause difficulties. They can be found in the organization of window spaces in cottages, apartments, offices, as well as in pools, on terraces, verandas, cafes, restaurants, and other large-sized rooms. The pleated mosquito net for windows is also available to make your room feel more comfortable.

Pleated mosquito nets are presented in several versions:

  • Lau Plisse Q17 Premium
  • Lau Plisse Q18 Standard
  • Lau Plisse Q19 Pro

Benefits of Lau Plisse:

  • Experts note several advantages of a pleated mosquito net model:
  • Ease and mobility of design. When installing the window frame is not overloaded.
  • Ingestion of fresh air.
  • Protection against annoying insects and dust.
  • Elegance, compactness, not fading.
  • Does not require special care. Convenience and easy to use.
  • Aesthetic appearance. In the unfolded state, the canvas has unusual symmetrical folds, in the assembled state it is practically not noticeable.
  • Quick opening, at any time you can easily move the canvas to fully open the window opening.
  • Durability. With proper care, the system will last more than 15 years.
  • Frost resistance. There is no need to dismantle the mesh for the winter.


  • Aluminum profile
  • Pleated material - fiberglass
  • Accessories color: white, brown, gray, black
  • Max width 6000 mm
  • Max height 3000 mm
  • Powder coating in any RAL color.
  • Decoration for the structure of the tree
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