Frameless Sliding glazing

The ORIZZONTE THERMO frameless sliding glazing system is a new category of interior design that allows you to visually expand the space, give it a unique appearance, make it brighter, more open and more enjoyable.

The system of sliding slider glazing for a double-glazed window of 20 mm. Designed for warm glazing of terraces, gazebos, verandas. Thanks to the possibility of installing a double-glazed window, the system allows you to improve the frameless glazing of your object and make it much warmer, and more practical.

The system with slider (sliding) opening of the shutters is a unique frameless glazing system for any type of openings.

This design has a light appearance and is easy to use, the shutters move smoothly on rails with the help of rollers - even with large dimensions of the structure, the shutter travel will be smooth and without noise.

One of the advantages of the system is that it is inferior. those. the entire weight of the wings is on the floor. The peculiarity of the system is that all the leaves are interlocked with each other and move independently. Therefore, pushing the first sash, you can close the entire system - the sash will stretch out of the parking lot one by one and they will stand in the right position. This sliding-type system allows you to open 80% of the light opening.

Each leaf moves on rollers resting on the lower profile. The lower profile is attached directly to the floor covering (tile, terrace board). In this case, excellent sliding doors are obtained in the center of the system.

20 mm double-glazed glass used in the systems provides a warm, quiet and peaceful living space, providing sound insulation.

Office glass door

ORIZZONTE THERMO is ideal for glazing:

  1. Balconies and loggias.
  2. Veranda
  3. Terrace.
  4. Winter Gardens
  5. Cottages and gazebos.
  6. Showcases in large shopping centers.
  7. Office partitions.

System Privileges:

  • Significantly warmer than single glass systems
  • Increased sound insulation
  • Do not fog up the glass
  • Tighter


  • The system allows glazing long openings.
  • Thanks to the use of an energy-saving glass unit, the room will be warmer.
  • The system provides maximum panoramic views, thanks to the 1.3 meter wide shutters. At the same time, the leaves move absolutely easily and silently.

For maximum insulation, the system uses 3 layers of felt seals:

  • applied between leaves,
  • between the sash and the lower, upper guide profiles,
  • and also in the places where the sash adjoins the side frame profiles.

The use of a universal threshold allows glazing gazebos, terraces, restaurants and cafes where the passage of people is provided. It does not interfere with walking at all.

  • Specially designed reinforced high quality, ensure smooth sliding of the sash and withstand loads up to 120 kg.

Thanks to the possibility of installing 20 mm double-glazed windows, the system allows you to improve the glazing of your object and make it much warmer and more practical.

The locks in the system can be positioned at the desired height along the vertical axis, creating an ergonomic use. This ensures safe use by locking from the inside and outside.

Innovative glass systems are designed to provide user convenience and comfort.

From a wide range of systems, we will select the most suitable in terms of functionality and practicality, meeting all modern requirements for products. The ORIZZONTE THERMO system has a good sealing - 4 contours of felt seal between the sashes, two circuits of felt seal between the sashes and the frame and two circuits of felt seal between the bottom sash and the bearing profile. The system uses reinforced rollers to ensure smooth sliding of the flaps. Each roller can carry a load of 120 kg, so the sash width can be up to 1300 mm. For high-performance and user-friendly systems, our company closely monitors all production processes.


  • Material aluminum
  • Slider type system
  • Accessories color: gray, black
  • Stainless steel fittings
  • Filling a double-glazed window 20 mm
  • Seals between leaves
  • Max panel width 1000 mm
  • Max panel height 3000 mm
  • Powder coating in any RAL color
  • Decoration for the structure of the tree
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Frameless slide glass