Aspetto frameless slide and frameless glazing.

Glass walls and sliding frameless glazing systems have long been very popular among developers and consumers. With the help of such structures, you can not only glaze a balcony or a veranda but also divide the room into zones. Top suspension models are especially appreciated. They are more functional and require less installation effort. Some of the best new products in this segment are Aluminante Aspetto systems. These frameless slide and stack systems have an original design and many advantages that you will not find in any other similar model.

The thresholdless frameless glazing system Aspetto with sash parking is designed for glazing arbors, verandas, terraces, glass facades of cafes and restaurants, as well as creating interior glass partitions indoors.

The Aspetto mobile partition system consists of movable glass flaps suspended from a 5 mm thick reinforced aluminum supporting profile through roller carriages. Carriages, consisting of 8 stainless steel bearings, provide smooth and soft movement of heavy flaps along the profile and allow the use of a wide variety of trajectories of their movement, including curved and angled. Moving to the edge of the opening, the doors are collected in a bundle in the parking zone (parking). Thanks to this solution, the system allows you to fully open the glazed opening. Aspetto can have either one or two parking zones on the sides of the opening.

The system has a completely top-hung structure, which keeps the floor perfectly clean. This system does not use floor profiles that are flush with the floor, which is a serious argument in favor of choosing Aspetto. Besides, such an arrangement greatly facilitates the installation of the entire structure. After completion of the work, only the round plastic bushes located flush with the floor remain, which are reciprocal parts for the tabs of the latches.

Aspetto allows you to use sashes weighing up to 80 kg and use tempered glass 10 mm thick. It is also possible to use tinted and frosted glass, as well as glass with decorative films and triplex. To obtain any images on glass, the technology of applying frosted images on a transparent glass and vice versa can be used.

It is possible to install roller blinds directly on the sash (the curtains will move with the sash). A special translucent or aluminum h-shaped seal is used as an inter-wing seal. The system has two brush seal contours (external and internal) with a rigid brush with a high pile, which seals the gap between the bottom of the sash and the floor, as well as between the top of the sash and the supporting profile. On the hinged door, you can use any handles and locks for all-glass doors.

Office glass door

What are Aspetto systems for:

  1. Sliding frameless glazing of verandas, terraces, summer areas. Due to the lack of a protruding lower profile, such systems will not interfere with the passage of people. At the same time, they move apart very easily and simply, and turn your terrace or gazebo from closed to open.
  2. To create mobile partitions in offices, banks, various kinds of institutions. Using Aspetto Systems. You can divide the room into zones, create a conference room or workspace, organize several stores in the same retail space. In this case, the system can be moved at any time, creating a free passage between the zones of the room.

The systems are presented in several versions:

  • Aspetto Q50 Parking
  • Aspetto Q51 Batterfly
  • Aspetto Q52 Fulding
  • Aspetto Q53 Fulding Premium


  • The speed due to folding from the parking side, the system swings open and closes much faster than other frameless glazing systems.
  • Almost 100% opening of the opening. Sashes park on one side of the opening. This means that during the opening you free up the entire area and you can safely ventilate the room, arrange a passage or just enjoy the freshness.
  • The lack of a lower threshold. Thanks to this feature, Aspetto systems are ideal for glazing verandas, terraces or creating mobile walls in places with regular passage of people. There will no longer be any danger of tripping over a high threshold.
  • No jumpers. The system has no internal profile. Therefore, you get a solid glass wall and nothing will spoil its design and prevent you from enjoying wonderful views.
  • Reliability. The profile and mechanical details of the structure are made of high-quality aluminum and high-strength plastic. They can be freely used in external openings and are not susceptible to corrosion. In roller carriages, only closed bearings are used, which are not clogged with moisture and dirt and ensure a quiet and smooth movement of the shutters. Due to the sum of these factors, Aspetto systems are not only very reliable in operation, but also durable.
  • Quality glass. For the flaps, impact-resistant toughened glass with a thickness of 10 mm is used. It easily copes with serious loads, withstands large gusts of wind. In the event of a break, such a glass does not form sharp fragments.
  • Any decor option. The system itself looks modern and aesthetically pleasing, and easily fits into any interior. But, if necessary, you can paint the profile in any color, decorate the glass with a pattern, tint it or make it matte.
  • Easy to install. Due to the lack of a recessed lower profile, the installation of the structure is greatly simplified and can be carried out even after the completion of the main repair work.
  • Folding frameless glazing
  • Possibility to use different amounts of glasses
  • The visual effect of expanding space and a wide view
  • Despite the fact that the system is top-hung, the doors move silently
  • Ability to withstand high wind pressure
  • Color for every taste
  • No lower threshold
  • Durability
  • Easy glass cleaning


  • Guide material - aluminum
  • Top-hung glazing
  • Stainless steel fittings
  • Accessories color: gray, black
  • Filling tempered glass 10 mm
  • Transparent seals between leaves
  • Max panel width 1000 mm
  • Max panel height 3500 mm
  • Powder coating in any RAL color
  • Decoration for the structure of the tree
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