Windbreaker glass system

The DOPPIO automatic wind protection system is designed to effectively protect summer areas, restaurants, cafes and terraces from wind and dust. In the closed position, the height of the glass creates a comfortable zoning of the terrace from the street.This system is a completely new wind and dust protection concept with adjustable height.

Due to the uniqueness of the product, you can make the most of the available space and easily stop the wind in seconds.

With DOPPIO you have the opportunity to open the balcony in fine and sunny weather, which gives you the opportunity to raise adjustable glass when you need protection from extreme temperatures and cold winds.

When glazing with the DOPPIO system, a restaurant or cafe takes a more respectable appearance and helps to increase the flow of customers. In the system, always one glass remains static below and another movable, which can be fixed in any height.

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In addition, the fixed panel can also include a balustrade function, thanks to the integrated side frame, the fixed panel gives a special appeal. The automatic wind protection system is a system in which the glass panel moves in the vertical plane of the opening using an electric drive.

The movement of the glass panel is controlled by the remote control. Thanks to a special belt, the system works silently. Depending on the number of systems and the selected remote control, the movement of the glasses in the systems can be carried out individually or at the same time choosing a comfortable glass height.

At the request of the customer, the system can be in two versions:

  • automatic opening
  • mechanical opening with counterweight

The systems are presented in several versions:

  • Doppio Q30 Diletto
  • Doppio Q31 Flori
  • Doppio Q32 Balance


  • Ease of use
  • Modern aesthetic form
  • Easy to install and use
  • Quiet operation
  • Maximum use of the room
  • Microclimate control
  • Automatic wind protection
  • Resistance to wind loads
  • Ability to install motion sensors, wind Available management of mobile applications, interacts with Android and IOS
  • Remote control
  • Possibility to install LED lighting

Characteristics of the automatic opening system

  • Width 4000 mm
  • Height 2500 mm
  • Tempered glass 10 mm
  • High rates of wind resistance
  • SOMFY motor
  • Different RAL colors can be used.
  • Decoration for the structure of the tree

Note: one DOPPIO system should not exceed 10 sq.m.

Characteristics of the mechanical opening system

  • Width 2000 mm
  • Height 1900 mm
  • Tempered glass 6-8-10 mm
  • High rates of wind resistance
  • Various RAL colors can be used
  • Decoration for the structure of the tree

Note: one DOPPIO system must not exceed 3.8 m2.

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